About Me

Self development and self recognition called my attention during my legal career. I soon became curious about how I could help also others to connect with their inner resources through self recognition, and reach their best selves in all aspects in their lives.

Besides my own self-reflection and self development work, I started learning officially how to help others with their emotional difficulties in the framework of the two years mental health and organization development counselor postgradute course of Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary), where I gained thorough knowledge of basic psychology and learned several useful methods to assist and accompany clients in hard times.

Since I have always been interested in drawing and painting (although I never really studied art), the idea came to me that I could combine my interest in psychology with my passion for art. I know from my own experience how energized it feels when I create, so I thought that this energy could be applied to support emotional development as well. Driven by this idea, I studied visual expression psychology at Prof. Dr. Zoltán Vass, and art therapy at John Wesley College (Budapest, Hungary) at a two years postgraduate course. Even since I graduated I take part at art therapy workshops and short courses to widen my knowledge and set of methods I can use in my practice.

I started leading art therapy and art coaching groups and individual self development processes organized around thematical creations, where I support everbody in reaching their own goals. These goals can be either just having a meaningful and energizing spare time activity, raising self –awareness and self recognition, reaching an inner peace, or coping with difficult life situations, like a divorce.

In parallel with the above, I earned mediator and coach qualifications as well, and currently I study psychology at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church (Budapest, Hungary)

These courses enrichened my methods, so besides art therapy, I assist my clients in classical conversational ways as well (coaching, mental health counselling, mediation) in solving their conflicts (either in relationship crises or business disputes), or in developing their workplace and business skills. However, a creative approach and attitute is present also here, because I help all my clients in approaching their problems and their role in it from new points of view that leads to moving forward.

After having spent abroad shorter and longer periods of time, I realised how important emotional support is, and decided that I would like to give other people the help I also would have needed when I was travelling in different countries, and had to face all the problems that came accross.

From July 2020 I provide coaching, counseling, art therapy and art coaching services in the framework of education, scientific or art activities, in mediation processes (relationship,  business, workplace, divorce mediation) or within general business counseling services!

Regarding my activities related to business issues, please check www.mediator.org.hu.

If you think that I can assist you, please contact me at +36306243945 or erna.adamko@gmail.com.

Dr. Erna Adamkó

mental health and organization development counselor

integrated art therapist


business and leadership coach