For children


Development of creativity and emotional life, anxiety and stress managament with art therapy methods and children’s yoga


Children act much more intuitively than adults, they relate more to the visual world, they are genuinely creative, and enjoy their own movements. If we help them with deploying their natural creativity and support their emotional and social development, we base that they will find their own creative answers to all arising issues, and will be able to cope with any kind of stress appearing in their lives.

Art therapy and children’s yoga offer tools in this field. I combine these methods in order to provide children with many variable possibilities to process their experiences and to express themselves.

In case of children thematic creation of a piece of art in a group, with a leadership of an art therapist, provides the children with the joy of creating, whereas improves creativity, helps them recognize and express their feelings, manage stress, find unique solutions to any issues, and improves self confidence as well. Excercises used in children’s yoga, that I use variably during the sessions, strengthen the aforesaid effects and the overall experience.