ErnART – Coaching and Counseling


I know from my own experience, that moving abroad can be a life changing and inspiring experience, however it also brings a lot of distress to handle and problems to be solved, you didn’t need to face before.


Starting a new life far from home is challenging, and you may feel that it’s too difficult to cope with all of this alone. Although it’s the most difficult to ask for support when we feel we’re weak, it’s worth it.


Having someone to share your problems and fears with in an accepting environment helps releasing distress, but with professional support it may also help you reconnect with your inner resources and find the answers for your questions.


According to my belief, coaching is an inner journey where I accompany my clients on their path of personal development and support them in reaching goals they set.


At the coaching sessions step by step we walk together your way from defining your questions to the realization of a fulfilling life.


If you feel that you need support to cope with the challenges of life that living abroad brings, please don’t hesitate to call and set an appointment! Be the designer of your new life! Build up your new life in Hungary the way you want!

If you have little time, or for any reason you’re not able to attend the sessions, we can hold the coaching sessions via Skype as well.