Why shall I try art therapy online?

Nowadays, as we spend much more time at home than usual, and don’t have the opportunity to relax with our friends or even go to the theater or the movies, we have the time to discover new ways of spending spare time.

If you’ve already been thinking about going to an art therapy course, but due to the lack of time eventually you never did, or have just met this possibility, but you’re interested in self development  and self awareness raising methods, miss change from your life and could enjoy getting away from your everyday life for a few hours each week, an art therapy online course has just been invented for you!

Art therapy gives you the chance of awakening your creativity, and flying to unknown lands with the wings of your creations. In the meanwhile  you can discover yourself from a different point of view in a supporting environment (in a group or in a therapeutical relationship), where you can share your emotions and thoughts, and get help to connect with your resources and cope with your difficulties.

And you don’t even need to go out from home, it works perfectly online as well!

What will you need for this?

Art therapy is based on the process of creation, for which you can use anything that your interests and openness allow you to.

Do you have a favourite method? Would you like to paint? Or prefer drawing? Would you try working with clay?  Just get the necessary tools and materials for it e.g. a few paintbrushes and 5-6 colours of aquarelle or acrylic paint, some colour pencils, chalks, or a few pieces of clay. You’ll be able to use them, because we’ll taylor the art therapy tasks to your favourite techniques!

Or do you have no idea what you would enjoy, but you’re interested in trying the tools and techniques we use at the art therapy sessions? I help you with pleasure, and after the first discussion you’ll be able to choose easily!

What if you can’t get any artistic means or materials to use at the sessions?

If, for any reason, you can’t buy any artistic materials at all, you still don’t miss anything! There are a lot of available recipes for preparing your own home made paint or plasticine. Either you make paints out of puddings, or use a self made salt-flour plasticine, you’ll see, that it will be even more exciting to work with them at the sessions!

Since everybody has different materials, all the art therapy tasks will be tailored to you, but still there will be tasks for which everbody will have the same type of materials….

And these type of tasks will be those, where you’ll have to activate your inner creativity the most! You’ll use the objects from your environment and others, that you collect from the nature. It’s already exciting to check what you notice in your surroundings as potential material for your creations! Pebbles, pieces of wood, leaves etc. can gain a new sense through a creation!

If you’re interested how this can look like in practice, please check out some works prepared at the art therapy sessions at


Try it, and register in the next art therapy group or take individual art coaching sessions!

In relation to the registration and other details, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Dr. Erna Adamkó

integrated art therpaist

mental health and organization development counselor