Online art therapy and art coaching group starts on 15th April!

Do you feel lonely? Are you anxious because of the insecurity and the sudden changes? Are there too many empty hours and other times not being able to handle the loads of tasks? Is it difficult to slow down? Do you miss the connection with other?

Try art therapy online, and relate to others through a creating process!


15th April – 06th May

on Wednesdays 10:00 – 13:00 (group 1) 18:00 – 21:00 (group 2)

First session 15th April 10:00 and 18:00


Art therapy gives you the opportunity to connect with others via the joint creating process, and the evolving community provides you support to cope with the chaellenges of this difficult situation, to find your inner resources and gain impetus to move forward. In the meanwhile preparing your own creations helps you get out of your quarantine and fly to places you like.

If you are curious what art therapy can give you online, check out the creations and feedbacks of others participated in our 14 Days Creative Challenge as follows:

How do the sessions happen now, since we cannot meet?

Under the special present circumstances we hold the sessions online, and you don’t need to worry neither for not having any particular artistic tools or materials. These sessions are built on the creativity existing in all of us (there is such creativity in everybody indeedJ ), So you don’t need to have any special artistic talent or particular tools. We prepare creations from everything we have at  home, anything can be good. You’ll see how refreshing it will be to look at your well-known environment from a new perspective when looking for materials to use for your creations!

Why is it worth joining?

The process of joined creation helps you get away from your everyday problems, helps you express your feelings, and refills you with energy, that alleviates stress and anxiety.

Besides, it creates such a community you can turn to, that we need now more than ever. In relation to our creations we share with each other our emotions and thoughts, and support each other in coping with problems, while we also learn about ourselves.


In relation to registration and other details please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Dr. Erna Adamkó

integarted art therpaist

mental health and organization development counselor