Why is art therapy one of the best things to do, if you’re a foreigner living in Budapest?

People who decide to move to a new country are usually courageous and opened to new experiences and adventures. It makes us richer to meet cultures, people, worldviews and ways of living, surprisingly different from our own. It keeps us fresh, since we may learn exciting new things each day, and can lead us to a deeper understanding of the world. Living abroad is a fantastic experience not comparable to anything else, but on the other hand it comes with certain difficulties that need to be handled.

Being far from home, family, friends, and the familiar environment,  as well as the stunning amount of new experiences may make us feel a little lonely though, now and then. Especially, when we face problems in our life. When we feel more vulnerable than usual anyway, we may lose emotional balance and miss very much the support of our loved ones and the security of the habitual environment, like a cup of coffee with our best friend in our favourite café.

However, coping succesfully with our problems and finding balance in hard times is essential. During art therapy sessions you can find your answers to your questions in life in an emotionally supportive environment, through drawing, painting and other techniques. In the friendly atmosphere, where you feel understood and accepted, I help you to find solutions.

You don’t need to know anything about art or drawing, the methods awaken the natural creativity in you, that exists in all of us.

Thus, besides reaching again your inner balance, you’ll  feel understood and full of energy by the end of the sessions.

If you feel that you need some support, give art therapy a try, and call me at +36306243945 or e-mail to erna.adamko@gmail.com