7 Things That Art Therapy Can Give You

  1. Play

During the art therapy sessions you may set free the inner child and play freely with the colours, shapes and materials. Here everything can be as you like. The sky may be green and the grass can be blue, and you may choose even a dragon as your personal guardian angel.. just like in Wonderland. Additionally, you can splotch and cover yourself with colours or clay, and nobody will take a weird look at you. 🙂


  1. Emotional release

Here you can let all your emotions spill out without any control. You can swim in them with the colours of aquarelle, or you can reshape and transform them through clay work. But you may also give them frames with oil pastel or pencil, or simply find their right place on the pages of your life.


  1. Stress release

Creating is like a valve. If you open it, all the tension and pressure that has been stressing you will be released, and it’s place will be taken by peace and harmony.


  1. Emotional recharge

If you lose yourself in creating, art therapy opens energy sources in you that you wasn’t even aware of. Even if you arrive tired, after 1-2 hours you’ll get up from the table full of stamina and positive emotions.


  1. Self awareness

With the help of art therapy methods you can have exciting discoveries about yourself through your own paintings and sculptures. You may get acquainted with a so far unknown self of yours, and may recognize correlations in your life you didn’t see before.


  1. Problem solving

With the help of art therapy tools, you can look at your problems from a new and fresh point of view. Thus, seeing them in a different light, you may also get new ideas on how to resolve them.


  1. Emotional support

Either you take art therapy sessions individually or in a group, it’s for sure that you’ll find yourself in a positive and strongly supportive environment, where you meet with understanding and encouragement.


Try it and come to play with us! 🙂



I found art therapy with Erna really helpful. I’m a very cerebral person and it can be hard for me to really feel my emotions, hold still and go deeper. With art I can express things I don’t know how to express in words. It lead me to places regular talking therapy didn’t. Erna is empathic and I felt immediately relaxed and I feel like I can open myself up and she will understand and not judge me no matter what i say. I recommend trying art therapy with her, at least once, to everyone. It’s one of my favourite parts of my week. No matter how stressed I go in I always come out relaxed and full of new thoughts and energy. The mess from my head left behind on the paper. :)”

A wonderful environment with nice techniques to express and find yourself. Erna is a heart-warming person who gives you freedom and practice for the tasks, and leads you to a more open and positive being. It is really worth it and you can nicely figure out how you can even start to express feelings on your own.”

The sessions were very enjoyable, exploring different media, including, oil pastels, soft pastels, water colours, cut ups and collage. I enjoyed exploring each form of media…..The other people in the group were very friendly and welcoming and over the course of the 4 weeks I felt I got to know them very well as people…

I think Erna is an excellent tutor/guide, encouraging and challenging us to try explore different techniques.. I would recommend the course and would be keen to attend others if the opportunity arose again.”